Having a rant…

I started today in bits. I engaged in a debate on Facebook yesterday and when I woke up this morning, I had been torn into by the original poster. I can cope with disagreement, but when it gets personal, it’s too much. Being called pompous and self righteous just because I dared to hold a differing opinion? That is simply not on.

I’ve spent most of the morning going through a cycle of panic and anxiety attacks, then bursting into tears. I kept asking myself why they had said that and were they right? I have spent most of my life being belittled by the words of others. When it happens on what I regard as one of my safe spaces, Facebook, I start to feel really unsafe. I no longer feel safe on my Facebook page.

I cried a lot, but about half an hour, another emotion began to creep through. Anger. How fucking dare these people tear into me like that just because they had a differing opinion? I mean, by all means tell me that you don’t agree with me, but don’t be a fucking asshole and call me names. I will NOT be made to feel unsafe. I simply won’t. 

I have spent all my life feeling unsafe. The first 33 years because of familial and spousal abuse and the last 10 because I live in terror of my ex finding me. I have very few places where I can actually feel I am safe.

So when some fuckwit comes along and ruins that for me? I get fucking angry. What fucking right do they have to do that to me? Who told them it was OK to speak to a stranger that way? When did it become socially acceptable to bring people down this way? It’s fucking wrong.

So next time motherfucker, think before you type. You have no idea of the damage that your words can actually do!

12 thoughts on “Having a rant…

  1. ardwarrior

    Sorry to hear of your experience 😞, unfortunately some people are simply “arseholes” πŸ’©. Try not to dwell on it, otherwise it will eat u up on the inside.
    F*ck em off, block them and move forward.

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  2. IMHO, FB is a hard place to be … to write … to express and be oneself. What I have learned and discovered about FB IMO is to show happy pics of yourself and your family, make POSITIVE comments about yourself and others — mostly others, press “LIKE” a lot and show the highlights of your life. FB is not a place to be real, controversial, show that you are human with a RANGE of emotions — that may only be fleeting and temporary.

    FB is NOT a platform to voice your opinions about things that shoot straight to your heart. FB is good for people who live far from each other and can share photos and happy times — it’s the reel of your best self, but perhaps not the complete you. FB is not a place where someone suddenly gains understanding, empathy or curiosity about the REAL you and/or why you may have expressed something. FB is FakeBook IMO. Just sayin’!

    Don’t let people on FB dull your sparkle or your charge or snuff out the real you! Sersiously … and in the meantime I have a video for you to watch from another blogger I follow:

    From I TRIED BEING TASTEFUL … the video is from YouTube: And We Think We’re So Important:


    Keep your head up … so I can pat it … I know you like that kind of thing!!!! πŸ˜‰ KIDDING! πŸ˜‰


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