5 Ways To Support Someone With OCD


Ellen's OCD Blog

OCD from an outsider’s perspective can definitely be tricky to understand, even at the best of times. Heck, even my OCD baffles me at times and I live with it 24/7. Watching someone you love and care about go through something so distressing, that most of the time you probably can’t even see (e.g. intrusive thoughts and mental rituals) makes understanding and empathising a lot more difficult. The workings of OCD are very complex and specific to each individual, no one’s OCD is identical, which can cause a bit of a barrier between those who have OCD and those who don’t. There’s only so much we can really explain in a verbally articulate way without it getting too complicated and jumbled. Sometimes even we don’t understand what’s going on or what the drive is behind a specific obsession or compulsion, so trying to explain it just becomes impossible. However, the…

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