It’s OK To Want To Feel Attractive

The Hippy Geek

Chronic illness comes with a range of symptoms; pain to hair loss, muscle weakness to incapacity, none of it is particularly fun. We have a whole host of doctors, specialists, and medical professionals trying to make us better, or at the very least alleviate our symptoms to the best of their abilities.

Over time, we become a medical file. Because, you’re primary aim is to get better when you’re ill. Isn’t it? All those drugs are helping, despite the side effects that make you gain weight, make you lose weight, make you nauseous, make your hair fall out, make you exhausted… It’s worth it?


Sometimes no. Actually, sometimes feeling normal is your primary aim. Sometimes feeling attractive is your primary aim. Sometimes just not being defined by this bloody illness is the ultimate aim.

Some days, getting “better” is more for other people than it is for us.


The bit…

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