Young lives matter…

I spotted this piece in the Huff Post online by the Duchess of Cambridge on the mental health of young people…

Young Lives Matter
This lead to me doing some poking around on the site and I found further articles on the mental health of young people and why early intervention can make such a difference.

Why early intervention could have made a difference
How art can help make a huge difference.

The power of the paintbrush
How one woman became addicted to her addict parents.

Addicted to addicts
One woman and her struggle with her husband’s illness.

My husband and the boy he used to be
The hell children can go through on social media.
Cyber bullying

Young anti bullying activists can help.

Kids making a difference
Eight ways to improve your child’s well being.

Helping your child
How teaching children to be present in the moment can improve their future.

Improving their future
I passionately believe that making an impact on a young person’s mental health is the right thing to to do. The longer it is left, the harder their damage is to repair. Trust me. I know.

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