Expect Zebras – The Ehlers Danlos App : Joints just got serious

The Hippy Geek

At Christmas I got utterly overexcited about a concept App for EDS and related conditions. We created version 1.0 with some of the basic functionality, but no cross platform compatibility (it only works on Android phones) and only a few features. Still, it was a start.

This week has given us a firm shove towards creating the everso slightly more awesome product that we had envisioned. The concept is more complex than just an app and will shortly be appearing on Kickstarter (we’re working out our minimum goal right now as the biggest outlay is getting a whole load of wristbands & keyfobs printed & encoded).

Expect Zebras is a connected wristband (or keyfob), app & website trio allowing you to be an expert patient and fully in control of the management of your condition by putting your data at your fingertips. Allowing you to use objective data to give…

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