Day to day tips for dyspraxics

Natalie Williams - The Blog With (More Than) One Post

As someone with dyspraxia there are day to day tasks that, although may seem easy to others, I struggle with. Over time I’ve found my own way of doing certain things, so I thought I would write a blog post where I give some tips based on some of the things I do. Some of them are very little things, and some may be things that anyone might do regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Hopefully you’ll find some of them useful though!

Getting ready:

Firstly, there’s getting ready in the mornings. Being dyspraxic means it can take us twice as long to get ready as everyone else, so getting clothes ready the night before can be helpful and save a lot of time! Saying that, it’s not always easy to remember to actually do it (I need to start remembering to do it myself!) – memory/organisation is…

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