Bipolar II disorder compared to bipolar I disorder – the results are not what you would expect

Our Lived Experience

Based on the following article: “American tertiary clinic-referred bipolar II disorder compared to bipolar I disorder: More severe in multiple ways, but less severe in a few other ways” Dell’Osso, B Journal of Affective Disorders 188 (2015) pp. 257-262. http://dx.doi.ord/10.1016/j.jad2015.09.001

A common misconception that is prevalent under people and even doctors is that bipolar I disorder (BD-I) is worse than bipolar II disorder (BD-II). This is mainly based on the fact that, by definition hypomania is a less severe mood elevation than mania. Let us then look at the difference in the DSM criteria for the two types of BD. To be diagnosed with BD-I you have to have experienced mania (one episode is enough) and the presence of depressive episodes are not required whereas in the case of BD-II, less severe mood elevation episodes (hypomania) and major depressive episodes need to be present.

The difference between hypomania and…

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