Nobody’s going to fantasize about Jerry Hall now, boasts Murdoch


Flibbertigibbet News

Anyone who once carried a flame for the Texan socialite, is now facing the unpleasant prospect of a liver-spotted antipodean toad leering into view.  Not content with listening in to our phone calls, Rupert Murdoch’s liaison with Ms. Hall will ensure that he now enters into the subconscious of all males who ever envied Mick Jagger’s love-life during the 70s.

Mr. Murdoch Mr. Murdoch

Announcing their forthcoming nuptials and Mr. Murdoch’s inevitable funeral, the loved-up pair spoke of their shared love modelling and Press Inquiries.  Ms. Hall, who famously advised all women to a ‘be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore on Page Three’, can now look forward to three happy years of marriage and thirty affluent years of bereavement.

For Ms.Hall this relationship is a natural musical progression; from the avant-garde Bryan Ferry to the rock’n’roll Jagger and finally to jazz-funk fusion that…

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