Something positive just happened…

No, really. It did. Stop laughing! I am famous for being totally unable to take criticism and morphing and dissolving into a huge, bubbling ball of snot if anyone does offer up any criticism to what I do or say be it constructive or otherwise.

I guess it’s all down to the fact that for the first 33 years of my life, I was belittled and criticised every single day. It’s a difficult thing to overcome.

But today, totally out of the blue, something happened. I’ll tell you now. I’m a serial bookworm and after discovering that I actually quite like writing reviews of the books I read and posting them on here and also on Goodreads. A couple of weeks ago, I posted up a review and thought no more about it. But this morning, I received an email telling me that somebody had commented on my review. That has never happened before and I was keen to see what had been said.

I got to the comment and it was some grubby little troll who quite clearly had not had enough coffee yet this morning. Now under normal circumstances, the human snot ball would put in an appearance. Not this morning. I cocked an eyebrow, shrugged my shoulders and responded with, “My review, my opinion. But thank you for reading.” That’s it. Then I just moved on.

I feel weirdly elated and empowered. Staying calm and not losing it with some total stranger on the Internet has proved to me that I’m better than that. I’m not saying that I’m all better and healed, but I’m saying there’s hope. Her dirty footprints will not sully my mind today.


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