The human sinus and other issues…

That is seriously how I feel right now. See, I have a problem (one of many). Every single night, when I lay down to go to sleep, my nose blocks off and I have to breathe through my mouth. The really weird thing is that I can spend all day laid down and my nose won’t block. Then at night time… wham, it’s blocked again. Why?

It’s now 8.35am and my nose is only just starting to clear. As I breathe in my nose whistles and whines like a boiling kettle. It seriously drives me crazy. 

As I slept last night, I rolled over and my knee decided to dislocate. This is becoming tedious now. After I had popped it back in, I was in so much pain that getting back to sleep was not an option. Consequently I have been awake since 3.30am and have all the energy of a flat battery.

I did think about having a sleep while the kids were at school, but my brain just (as always) laughed at me for that! You must be joking woman says my brain! I’m just going to keep you flat out exhausted but not let you sleep. I have letters to write today. I need to focus. Fat chance.

Well, I’m going to roll my snuffling sinuses and swollen knee over to the table, finish my cup of tea and try to finish my letter. However I’m now in so much pain that the only thing I can think about is how long I have to wait until my next painkillers are due, which is not until 12.30pm. Screw you EDS.

4 thoughts on “The human sinus and other issues…

  1. Sorry you have such problems. I hope things get better. You’ve written before that you write letters to people, and I love that! I’ve thought of becoming a pen pal for someone in the service. There are web pages that will assign someone to you. But I don’t think I’m interesting enough, or that I’d find something to write about every week. How do you find things to write about?

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    1. You know, you find more to write about than you think. I see it as having a regular conversation, just on paper instead of face to face. The thrill of getting a nice fat envelope landing on your doormat is wonderful. You can talk about anything and everything. Give it a try.x

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