Psychic Parasites that Affect Our Behavior (!?)

Really interesting piece of writing.


City with EPThe idea that an energy/mind entity, essentially working in opposition to human well-being, could exist in thought or idea form is seen by many and even whole cultures as a functionally accurate way of explaining many aberrant behaviors.  From this perspective, people infected with virulent energetic entities aren’t the enemy anymore than a person infected with ebola is the enemy.  However those infected still can present a very real danger to others both through their aberrant behavior and in essentially the same way a person infected with ebola constitutes a danger to others.  Virulent ideas can be contagious.  But this concept takes that a step further.  Are there an actual energy based life forms/entities involved, somehow “pushing” ideas that are destructive to human well-being?  It’s time we give further consideration to the possibility that an aspect of our reality that was recognized and named centuries ago, the nature of which…

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