Why @ITVThisMorning and @DrDawnHarper were wrong about #hypermobilitySyndrome and #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

This made me so angry! A health professional should know better!

The Hippy Geek

It’s just double jointedness. Nothing to worry about.

These were the words of Dr Harper when faced with a parent caller on ITV’s This Morning program who was concerned about giving her child a “note” to excuse them from PE. An Internet backlash commenced by people who were thoroughly offended by her off hand comments which was watched by a rather bemused wider community. From an outsiders perspective, what could be wrong with being double jointed? You don’t get a note from your mum if you’re bad at maths! But equally, being had at maths doesn’t present the possibility of having a genetic connective tissue disorder that can lead to severe disability and at worst, sudden death. (That’s very much worst case & very rare – and also, you’re not bad at maths, you just need more practice and a good teacher). Dr Harper showed a similar disregard for the…

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