31 day blog challenge: day 15…

Here I am with day 15 of my blog challenge. Today I have to give you the time line of my day. My days are long and boring I’m afraid. I am wheelchair bound and unable to work, so I don’t have a job to break up the day.

On a week day I am usually awake by 5am. The boys have to be awake for school by 7am so I wake them at 6.30am. It gives them time to come round. While they are waking up, I’ll take my first lot of the day’s medication. Then I’ll spend the next 40 minutes yelling at the boys to get up. They have to be ready before 7.30am as the school taxi arrives for them then and they are taken to school.

Normally, then I will have a little cry. I hate being on my own. The encroaching and overpowering loneliness really does chill my soul. My carer will arrive by 8.30am so I at least have company from then on.

I’ll have a wash/shower depending on my pain levels. Then if I’m feeling ok I’ll get dressed and sit in my chair. If not, it’s back to bed. I take more meds at 12.15pm.

I’ll spend my time either reading, writing or colouring. If I’m feeling really bad, I’ll just rest and listen to some music.

The boys get home from school at 4pm. I’ll spend half an hour cuddling and talking over their day before shooing them into their room to study until dinner is ready for them. I have yet more meds to take at 5pm.

Then I’ll watch the news and read until it’s time for my carer to help me get ready for bed. The boys go to bed at 8.45pm on a school night. I will take my last lot of meds at around 9pm and read until I fall asleep. I’m sorry that my day is so boring.

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