I’ve just been on Facebook, and whilst scrolling through my news feed, came across a video that a friend had shared. Nothing to do with the friend in question, they were simply asking for an opinion on the issue. However, I got treated to a bird’s eye view of said video thanks to the automatic playback facility that Facebook has for videos now.

Allow me to digress for a moment. In order to understand this, I need to explain that I was a victim of domestic violence for a lot of years. I am free now, but suffer from severe PTSD. Viewing this video caused an almighty flashback and I’m feeling so vulnerable and afraid right now, I really am.

The video in question? Surely it couldn’t be that bad? Erm, yes it was actually. It was a video of a gang of men violently holding down and beating a woman while one of them shaved her head. Her crime, according to the video’s caption, was that she had cheated on her boyfriend.

Now I have blogged before that I loathe cheaters, and I still hold that opinion. But how do we know that it’s true? We only have the poster of the video’s word for that. Believe me, I know only too well that violent men will use any bullshit excuse to try and rationalise what they are doing to another human being. If they actually admitted to themselves that they were at fault for their brutality, then their tiny little heads would explode.

The answer? Well in my view it is simple. Facebook needs to remove the automatic playback facility that it has currently. Then people will be safe from traumatising experiences like this. I have reported said video. But for now, my thoughts are with that poor girl. I hope with all of my heart that she is OK.

3 thoughts on “Horrified…

  1. ardwarrior

    Bless her, sounds absolutely deplorable and horrible to have had to view.
    I don’t particularly like FB for multiple reasons.
    There is a way of disabling auto play. If you go into app settings on your account, you can choose auto play options and choose to turn it disable it. Doesn’t solve the issue of the videos being on Facebook but at least it does give you the option of wether you want to watch it.

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  2. everydaylifeandtruths

    I don’t argue with cheating however you never know what situation so one might be in do that! However cheating no matter how bad does not deserve or warrant being treated like that! No women should get that kind of treatment EVER!! And frankly it’s disgusting that something like that is even on Facebook

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