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Mega Yummmmmm!

La cuisine de Caroline

There are lots of blogs popping up about healthy eating, especially at this time of year. Come January we all curse the scales and swear never to eat another chocolate coin again, whilst simultaneously being bombarded with adverts for kitchen gizmos, gym equipment and weight loss clubs.
So in the midst of all this sickening healthy eating and foodie remorse I thought I would start a blog about every day food I cook for my family. I’m not a chef and have had no formal training, which will become evident as we go on.

I am a busy mum of three, one of which has a good allergy and I enjoy cooking new things and want to share my successes and (many) failures with you.

So to kick things off here’s a disgustingly unhealthy fried Christmas pudding recipe! I say recipe, it’s more of a look-what-I-did with some leftovers post.

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