31 day blog challenge: day 6…

Here I am on day 6 of the challenge. I’ve also only just noticed that for the first few days, I called it a 30 day challenge. Durrrrr, sorry!

Day six of the challenge is for me to list three personality traits that I am proud of. This is going to be a really difficult thing for me to do. Why? Because I find it incredibly difficult to say anything even remotely positive about myself I really do. Self loathing I am very good at, but bigging myself up? Not so much. However, I shall give it a try.

1. I will do anything I possibly can to help people, whether it is just to lend an ear and some generous (((hugs))) or to help with money if I have it.

2. I cannot and will not ever ignore another human being in pain. Whether that pain is physical or emotional. I will do whatever I can to help and heal them.

3. I will always be a voice for the voiceless, be that human or animal. I care.

Wow, that felt really odd. I’m off to go and tell myself I’m pathetic now.

4 thoughts on “31 day blog challenge: day 6…

  1. There is nothing pathetic about your traits, they are very admirable and you should be proud of them and yourself. I’m proud of you for always having the courage – and yes, you are courageous – to speak out for the voiceless.

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