The Bookfangirling Award

Thank you!

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I am delighted to be nominated, for the first time this year, for The bookfangirling award by Cabeswater. I enjoy receiving these awards as it’s an opportunity to receive and give love to other bloggers. I am honoured to be nominated, it has been months since I was last nominated so it’s definitely time to spread the love.

For more information about this award click here.

Rules For Accepting The Bookfangirling Award:

Create a post to accept your award

Add the blog award button into your post (just save the picture to your computer and upload it) and put it on the side of your blog as a widget

Answer the questions we have below

Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think deserve this award

Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees

Cabeswater’s Questions

1. Be honest, do you judge a book by its cover?

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