30 day blog challenge: day 2…

Well here we are with day two of my 30 day blog challenge. Day two’s task is to give you, my lovely readers, twenty facts about me. So here we go…

  1. I am from a small group of islands in the North Sea called Shetland. The island I’m from is known locally as the mainland.
  2. I have two teenage sons, both of whom are autistic.
  3. I am a single parent.
  4. I love the sound of rainfall.
  5. Strong winds remind me of home.
  6. I have some mental health problems.
  7. I refuse to hide away my mental health issues. Stigmatisation must stop.
  8. I am in a wheelchair.
  9. I have several chronic health issues.
  10. I have to take a lot of medication.
  11. I have agoraphobia.
  12. I really hate hot weather, it makes me feel ill.
  13. I hate cooked, slimy onions.
  14. I’m very shy.
  15. I am an avid penpaller. It allows me to be less shy with people.
  16. I have a serious stationery addiction.
  17. Books and reading are a major passion.
  18. I love cherry Coke.
  19. I love Chinese food.
  20. I am a crazy cat lady.

So there we are. Day two all finished. 🙂

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