I can feel it. It’s gripping my lungs and squeezing them in a vice. The more I try to not panic and keep calm, the worse it gets. The more I struggle to keep calm, I can feel panic’s icy caress reach up my throat and squeeze tightly, making it so difficult for me to speak or breathe with struggling.

I’m on my own. I’m lay on my bed and I’m sobbing my heart out. I’m panicking so badly and I have no reason to. But the panic is bubbling up and spilling out like hot lava down the sides of a volcano.

My throat is getting tighter. My lips are getting cold and tingly. I’m finding it more and more difficult to type.

I’m so scared. I need my answers, yet I can’t have them. I’m terrified mum! I miss you.x

5 thoughts on “Panic…

  1. I can feel the emotion and panic coming though this beautifully written piece. As someone who has suffered in the past with panic attacks and anxiety, I can say that this is exactly what it feels like, and I am so relieved to be on the better side of it. Thank you for writing this,

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