Aaaaaand breathe…

Right now I have a real moral dilemma. Someone I know is dating a total chinchilla fisting badger rimming fucknugget. Yes ladies and gents, he’s a prick. She loves him desperately but he treats her like a piece of crap and she just takes it.

I have two edges to my dilemma. There is absolutely no way that any of this is my business. That’s dilemma no.1. No.2 is that they live in another country, thousands of miles away, so even if I was going to interfere, I can’t.

I guess I’m blogging about this so that I can purge my frustrations. If just really pisses me off to see my wonderful friend abused by this feckless, spineless, jobless asshole. I don’t hate anybody but this guy comes close.

What would you do? Would you respect her choices or would you plough ahead and let the guy have it? I’m curious as to what other people would do?

8 thoughts on “Aaaaaand breathe…

    1. Tiegan

      Maybe you could just wait it out for a little bit… if by treating your friend like crap, you mean domestic abuse, you could call the police. That’s the only other thing I can think of.

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