The menace that is Donald Trump…

Two words that scare me more than any other two in the English language: President Trump. They are words that would strike cold fear into the hardiest and toughest of hearts. We all thought that Sarah “Pitbull” Palin was a scary prospect. She’s a pussycat compared to La Donald!

La Donald seems to have pressed his own self district button in recent days. He has always been a bloviating cockwomble, but his outbursts over the last few weeks have surpassed everything he has managed before.

As a Scot, who lives smack bang in the area he has made vile with his disgusting excuse for a golf course, I have seen first hand how La Donald does business. He intimidates, he bullies and he forces people to do his bidding. However, when anyone dares to stand up to him, he acts like a spoilt child who cannot have his own way and has tossed his teddies in the content.

He appears to be attempting to run his political campaign in much the same way that he runs his business empire; like a spoilt, petulant child. Alarming.

The first indicator that La Donald was beginning to blossom into a full blown fascist cockwomble came when he said:

“My Twitter has become so powerful, I can make my enemies tell the truth.” Really Donnie? Really??!

What would he do to secure the Mexican border? “I will build a great wall on our Southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall.”

His thoughts on Mexican immigrants: “When Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best [sic]. They’re sending people who have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

However, he started to get even lower with his vile efforts to mock a disabled reporter:

La Donald mocks disabled reporter.
Then he turned his vile opinions onto Muslims. He has said that the borders of the USA should be closed to ALL Muslims. Even if people have just left the country for a holiday! He has gone on to praise FDR and the Japanese interment camps, suggesting a similar system for US Muslims. That, at the very least they should all be on some sort of national register! Hey Donnie-lets go one better and have them all wear yellow stars huh? Would you like that? This man truly is morally bankrupt and utterly reprehensible.

The comments he has made are so reprehensible that the entire Republican Party is now thrown into a quandary over what to do next. Trump’s comments are branded as un-American!

Republican chaos over Trump’s fascist comments.
La Donald then made an utterly bulls**t and totally untrue comment about parts of London being so radicalised that police were afraid for their lives! Utter rubbish Donnie. FACT!

Donnie’s London comments.
Argh, will the stupid man ever stop? Sadly it does not look that way. There are now calls for La Donald to have the honorary degree he was given by the Robert Gordon University rescinded.

Take away the degree Donnie doesn’t deserve!
Yet his insanity doesn’t even stop there. He thinks he can just call up Bill Gates and have the Internet shut down…*facepalm*

Quick, call Bill Gates! He will save us!
Ban children from the Internet!
The Republican part are now actually questioning whether or not La Donald is suitable to stand as the Republican candidate.

No more Donnie?
Sadly, La Donald is ranting that he is considering standing as an independent candidate.

La Donald to stand as Independent?
However, this comes out just after this…

Donnie promises not to run as Independent.
This is the man that slept with a book of Hitler quotes by his bed. This is the man who lies through his teeth. Is this fascist, racist, bigoted scumbag what you really want America? WAKE UP!!!

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