There are times…

There are times when I really do hate the human race. We (as a people) have never grasped that if we just back up off the planet a little bit then it might just repair itself. But no.

What happens instead is that the vast majority of people just plough on ahead with their selfish little lives and expect Mother Nature not to get really pissed off with us for treating this incredible gift she has given us with such cavalier disregard. The people that I’m ranting about expect to be able to carry on with their disrespectful lifestyle and for the planet to still be here ad infinitum.

Well guess what assholes? It doesn’t work that way. So open up your ears and listen. I’ve been so horrified by the cavalier and totally fucked up attitude that I’ve come across during my environmental campaigning. I’ve heard people arguing that we don’t need trees and we can just mow them down for profit and concrete over their remains and build. Erm, no. Living trees remove carbon from the atmosphere, dead ones don’t. As humans continue to increase the amount of carbon we pump into the atmosphere every day. It makes sense to change our rituals to promote tree growth. Some make the argument that the current destructive rituals promote tree farming, this is the case. However, for a tree to have a long term effect on carbon removal it must live a full and long life. Trees must be left alone! I saw an image the other day that was so powerful, it really doesn’t need any words.

Man breathing from the last tree on earth: one picture, 1000 words.

Now look at that long and hard. There’s every chance that this could come to pass.

Then there are ridiculous health and safety cockwombles who claim that trees must be cut down for children’s safety. This article from last year following an incident in Canada discusses this.

Calm down dear, it’s only a tree!

I’ve been called a ridiculous tree hugger. That’s absolutely fine. I’d rather be a card carrying tree hugger than a naive idiot. Not only do we have to contend with the environmental damage that the illegal logging company does, but we have to protect the animals who need those trees to survive.

When will we wake up and see? When will we learn?

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