Reaching within…

I’ve been thinking about some of the horrible moments that I’ve been having recently. Regular readers of my blog will know that I have some mental health issues. I use my blog and my Facebook page as an arena to air put and work through my issues. I seriously believe that we all need some kind of sounding board where we can work through our issues.

We all need to reach within and examine what makes us tick, what hurts us, what helps us, and what heals us. Those points will be different for each and every one of us and we have to do an awful lot of internal searching before we can acknowledge what they are. It can take some time.

Reaching into my own soul to search for my own therapy has taken me to some painful memories. I’ve remembered some painful things that I had tried to keep buried deep in my psyche. Yet one memory from my childhood that didn’t hurt was my love of colouring in. I could sit for hours and colour in. I would draw my own patterns and then colour them in once I ran out of colouring books. So I was full of glee when I discovered the plethora of adult colouring books on the market.

I have a huge stack of different themed book and four pencil cases stuffed full of colouring pens. It’s just sheer bliss to be able to sit down and just lose myself in all the beautiful patterns.

Another thing that helps me is to think of this particular quote. It really means something to me.

Cats soothe me too. My own fur baby is a cutie pie and I adore him:

This picture of cats always makes me smile too:

I think it’s all about striking a balance and finding the things that work for us. We are all individuals and different things work for different people. The things that work for me won’t work for others. It’s a matter of trial and error and we need to find out what is best for us as individuals.

There are days when these things don’t help. My sadness is so deep that I sink into a black pit of despair and panic that I will never find a way out. I panic that expressing myself in my blog or Facebook page will alienate people even more than I already have.

But I have to believe that my courage is that quiet voice whispering away telling me I can try again tomorrow.

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