Too much…

I’m just back from the doctors. Having to face the emotional trauma of going out – the battle with my anxieties to get myself through the door, that’s bad enough. But couple that with the physical toll that going out takes on me and right now I’m having trouble thinking straight. I’m having trouble with seeing the letters on the screen so so pardon me if there are any typos in this blog piece.

I was pleasantly surprised that I only had to wait twenty minutes (sarcasm mode cancel) and people were going in before me (which always pisses me off!) Then when I got into the doctor’s office, she asked me how I was feeling I just burst into tears and couldn’t speak! I had last night written a list of my symptoms and it covered two sides of A6. It was a good job I had done. I just shook my head and pushed the paper towards her.

They are not increasing my pregabalin at the moment, despite me asking them too because my pain is bad. That will be reviewed in a couple of weeks. Oh gee, thanks for that. *cries*

After much umming and ahing, the doctor did my 02 sats, BP, pulse and temperature. As always I get told “Oh my, your blood pressure is rather low.” Yes, it is. I have PoTS and have been hypotensive for years. She insisted on checking my pee, despite me telling her that I had no new urinary symptoms. My chest got listened to and I think I got prodded and squeezed everywhere.

Eventually, she announced that she thought I had three problems. The first being a “non specific virus”. She is also querying whether I have hypothyroidism and diabetes. She told me to go and make an appointment to get my bloods checked. *sigh* Yet another traumatic trip out just to get my bloods done.

So I wheeled over to reception and querelously asked for an appointment to have some bloods taken. “Sure” she said. “I have 9.45” “What tomorrow?” I asked her. “No, now.” HOLY SHIT YES PLEASE!!! Talk about lucky!!! I snatched her hand off!

So now I am back home, wrapped in a duvet and have a hot water bottle strapped to my back. Hoping that all my blood tests come back normal.

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