Things that make us happy…

Little things that make us happy. They change from person to person. Those little things are what keep us going on the crappy days when we feel like giving up.

For example: my happy things are very simple. Clean bed sheets. A bath with a Melting Marshmellow Moment bath melt from Lush in it. A handful of salted pistachio nuts. Cherry Coke. Cuddles from my cat. But most important of all? Cuddles from my kids.

When we feel down, it is so vital to be able to tap in to that part of our psyche where are memories of our happy things are kept. I go there and almost instantly I hear the bubbling laughter of my kids when they were babies. That is such a precious, happy sound that it makes me tingle from head to foot. We all need happy memories like that to be a part of us. It keeps us sane. Even when I’m in a really dark place, if I can get to the place where those memories are, I start to feel so much better.

So take a deep breath. Centre yourself. Then find what makes you happy. It’s better than any happy pill I know. 🙂

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