How many of us can put our hands on our hearts and say we are truly tolerant of all other beings? I’m talking ALL beings. Animal, vegetable and mineral.

I thought I was a tolerant person. I’m a passionate animal and human rights campaigner and I am also passionate about the environment. I fight against any form of prejudice and against people who would do others harm.

Yet this morning I sat down and I turned my thoughts in on myself. I mean really turned them in. I let my mind wander. I took some deep breaths and relaxed and before I knew it I was meditating on the issue. It wasn’t the straightforward experience that I thought it was going to be. I found out lots of things about myself that I was really rather shocked about. Things I was ashamed of.

Many times when my pain has been bad, I’ve snapped at my carer and my kids and even my poor cat. I’ve growled at total strangers in the street and snapped at nurses or doctors or other health professionals. Even when my medical treatment has been shoddy, I should wish these people love and strength to have a better day. Radiating anger and anxiety and negativity like that only serves to make you feel so much worse about yourself.

I thought about so many different occasions. Times when I could have been nicer. Then I thought about all the times when other people could have been nicer to me. Times when people have brought a tear of shame or sadness to my eye. How I felt so bad about it.

So we all need to become just a little more tolerant. It would make us all feel that little bit better. Just my thoughts anyhoo. 🙂

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