So bloody angry…


Yesterday, I was cruising the internet (as I am prone to do) and whilst on a certain social networking site I stumbled across a post that just… well it horrified me. A woman made a comment that no woman should ever make. She said the she thought a certain woman’s husband would have to give her a date rape drug in order to have sex with her.

This prompted an almighty flashback, and a shaking, tearful me sitting on the floor. After a while, I plucked up the courage to say something and tell this woman just how wrong I thought she was. I also ran this past a couple of friends of mine, as I wanted to know if they thought I was overreacting. They had pretty much exactly the same fury towards the statement as I did. How DARE this woman make such callous jokes about date rape? It’s not OK under any circumstances! The comment was supposed to be an insult to another woman who had puritanical attitudes towards sex. So this makes it ok to joke about date rape? No, in my humble opinion, it does not.

In the United States (where this woman was from,) somebody is sexually assaulted every TWO minutes. Yet people continue to assume that their sick, offensive rape gags are acceptable. They are not!!!  Comments like this help to perpetuate the myth that sexual violence is an acceptable part of life.

I was viciously verbally attacked for daring to challenge this opinion. I also was accused of calling the woman names, when my other post had nothing to do with her.

Just because we have free speach (some would argue that is a fleeting myth also) does not mean that we should exercise our free speach as an excuse to say the most vile and offensive things we possibly can and then try to defend those statements as feminism instead of what they are: a perpetuation of rape culture.

I’m hoping with all my heart that woman never ever has to experience what I did. Because then those horrible things will have come back to bite her on the arse.

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