PETA: An Anti-Pit Bull “Animal Rights” Organization

Fabulous anti PETA piece.


You would think an organization that constantly shouts about being the world’s leading animal rights group — the collective voice of the voiceless — would rise to defend dogs who are misunderstood, abused, tortured, and fought. Dogs about whom myths run rampant. Dogs who desperately need people to have access to correct information and humane education because their lives, literally, depend on it. You would think all of this but you would be very wrong.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has partnered with various other groups to create “National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day,”  a day to “raise awareness of the social and financial costs of pit bull attacks.” Pit bull attacks, or, more accurately, attacks by dogs people think or assume to be pit bulls, or, more accurately, dog attacks. Can you spot the one dog who is a pit bull in that graphic? Yea, neither…

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