An open letter to the mentally healthy

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Dear mentally healthy people,

I would like to invite you, if you are interested, to partake in a little exercise. I am going to list a few things that I would like you to think about, really think about, the last time any of the following things happened to you:

  1. You got irritable;
  2. You absent mindedly forgot to do something;
  3. You had a sleepless night;
  4. You couldn’t bring yourself to get out of bed;
  5. You felt people staring at you;
  6. You lost your job, or didn’t make the cut in a job interview;
  7. You cried uncontrollably and inconsolably;
  8. You were really, really down about something;
  9. You were super nervous and anxious;
  10. You felt isolated and misunderstood;
  11. You didn’t feel like seeing other people;
  12. You didn’t want to be here any more;
  13.  You felt like a burden on your loved ones;
  14. You were so tired you felt like your body was…

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