Try to imagine…

Try to imagine what it is like to wake up every single morning feeling like your spine is being gnawed on by a pride of ravenous lions. That the muscles in your back are being chewed up by the cubs. Those little, needle sharp teeth chewing into the muscles and nipping at the loose spinal nerves-that tingling agony.

Alongside that, you have a tribe of wee men with crowbars. Each one is trying to pop open a joint. They put a crowbar in and move it backwards and forwards, working slowly. You feel every twinge.

The pain in your head is tense. It starts at the back of your neck and creeps up over your scalp, and around your eyes. As the pain moves into your eyes, you develop a constant, painful muscular spasm in your eyelid.

Your collarbones both feel like they are being whacked by big men welding Thor’s hammer!

All your muscles are twitching and on fire. You feel like they have been dipped in acid. With no regularity, your muscles keep on going into spasm. It feels like hell.

Your legs barely have the strength to drag you to the bathroom. Yesterday I couldn’t take even the ten steps from my bed to my bedroom. I felt so humiliated. I really did.

That is just what you feel pain wise. There are the other symptoms. Fibromyalgia has 200 of them. So please do forgive me if I seem a little down this morning!


5 thoughts on “Try to imagine…

  1. I am diagnosed too with fibromyalgia or muscle pain syndrome though I think it is more of post-polio syndrome… I took therapy for a year…they say stress makes them worse but we can’t avoid stress…feeling your pain my friend…despite that I can’t imagine how it must be hard for you…Hugs and love from my part of the world…

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