Dangerous charletans…

This short blog piece is about charlatan healers and those that take advantage of  the people that they are supposed to be helping. They are dangerous.
I went online yesterday as normal I checked  my emails and then went on Facebook. A couple of my friends came across a deeply crazy guy who was ranting away. He was claiming that he had been treated by some shamanic healer and was very enlightened. His rantings became more and more unstable. The man clearly needs medical help and we all tried to tell him so. 

What concerns me is the people that he claims have helped him. The money they charged was crazy. These frauds are a danger to us. Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I am a card carrying, out and proud pagan and will fight tooth and nail to protect genuine esoteric healers. But the dangerous charlatans? They need to be shopped before they actually hurt the ones they treat.

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