A modern day Dr. Dolittle…

I read a story yesterday, which I stumbled across by accident on the Huffington Post. A story that really did take my breath away and restored my faith in human nature, which is really quite amazing! People can be good!

The story concerns a young man. His name is Callum Underdown and he is 12 years old, and he is a really remarkable person. He has a real passion and his passion is caring for  animals.

I was in awe at the commitment and  love that he shows. Basically Callum finds abondoned and hurt animals and he gives them a new lease of life. He has helped over one hundred animals to date, which is an incredible feat!

He spends most of his time online, tracking down these injured and unwanted animals, and he cares for them himself, using only his own pocket money.

Callum’s mum eventually found that things were a little too busy at home, so she arranged for Callum to  have a small holding on a local farm so he could care for his animals there. He currently cares for goats, rabbits, geese, chickens and guinea pigs.

He goes twice a day whilst at school and spends all his spare time helping the animals in his care. He has cared for these animals with dedication, love and skill.

His story can be read in full here…A modern day Dr. Dolittle!

It is such an inspiring read. But the important thing and the real point of this blog post, is to raise awareness of what Callum is doing and to help to raise funds for him to give the animals a better life. Right now, the only funds he has is his own pocket money.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you can, will you donate what you can to help Callum? If you can’t donate, will you please share this post as far and as wide as you can?

The link to donate to Callum’s farm is here…PLEASE HELP CALLUM!

Every share that happens raises awareness, so please help me to help Callum & his mum. Thank you all so much.x

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