Doing something for me…

Everything that I do is focused on other people. Of course, as a parent, that is kind of obvious. But my own needs have been neglected along the way. I never, ever do anything for myself. Well, today that changes. Today I start doing something for me.

I think that no matter who we are, it is vital for our emotional wellbeing that we create time and space for ourselves. We all have pressures and demands on our time that make us feel as if we are a taut piece of string. We all need to find something that, when we sit in our downtime, will relax us and make us feel like a human being again. For if we do not? We just explode on the inside and become really unwell.

I had been feeling taut and stressed recently, hence why I decided to make some time for me. Will it be the right decision? Who knows? Watch this space.

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