You probably won’t read this. As you’ve already de-friended me on Facebook and the few people from your pathetic little clique that are actually still on my friends list are not likely to read this. However, I need to write this, not only to clear what you did from my own head, but to give the real victim of your betrayal some closure.

What you did really does mark as one of the shittiest things that I have ever seen. You betrayed a woman that you had claimed to be a best friend with this woman for several years. You claimed that you had her back during a hellish time of her life. You even spent money on her that she didn’t ask you to fucking well spend! You then lied to her about when you wanted your poxy money back.

Then she starts to struggle emotionally. What do you do? Instead of being a real friend, you start to ignore her and you start posting caustic, underhanded messages on Facebook and you don’t even have the cojones to be upfront with her and say that you felt the friendship was failing and back away gracefully.

No. What do you do? You start bitching even more. The messages on your wall get more and more caustic. Then one day, out of the blue, you unfriend this woman and you also poison another of her friends to withdraw from her too. A shitty trick.

Then she has the courage to message you and tell you how confused and hurt she is. She reaches into her soul and she finds the bravery to lay it bare to you. Yet what do you do??? You fucking eviscerate her!!! You turn on her and come out with the foulest bunch of bullshit and lies that have EVER come out of one person’s mouth before. How DARE you do that, how could you? What you did makes you the lowest of the low, it really does!

To make matters worse, you also unfriend me another person. Why? Because you knew we would rip you a new asshole for your utterly vile behaviour. You are scum. Disgusting, hypocritical scum of the lowest order.

If you even DARE pull another stunt like that to hurt her, I swear to you I will open up a can of whup ass on you that you’ll feel for the rest of your life. Back the fuck off!

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