Far from the madding crowd.

My mood has become increasingly bleak over the last few days. Every time I went on to Facebook, I felt overwhelmed and pressurised to be happy. People asked me what was wrong, and then when I told them, I was told to “cheer up” or to “pull myself together”.

That is the very last thing that a person in emotional pain needs to hear. We need to have our pain acknowledged and we need to be listened to! Being brushed off in such a way makes us feel so much worse than we did.

I was spiralling out of control, spinning off course and felt unable to do anything at all to control it. I felt bereft of emotion.

I needed some time away from humanity. I needed to get my head together. So I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. Not permanently. Just for a little while, until I can feel safe and calm again. Does that make sense? It did in my head! So I did.

This is testament to just how amazing some of my friends are. Within ten minutes of my account going off line, four of them had been in touch to see how I was. Thank you so much. You know who you are. (((hugs)))

Today I feel a little more positive. A little more like me. Am I ready to step back into the madding crowd? No, not yet. But I will be soon. Having the strength of friends helps. A LOT!

So if you know of a person that is feeling low or down, reach out. Say something. Talk to them. You never know. You maybe doing more good than you know.

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