Wrapped in a blanket of pain.

I am. Both a physical and emotional blanket. I’m trying so very hard to be positive and inspiring, but it is just so damned difficult.

I knew today was going to be harsh physically as today is the day that my new pain killers start. So my old ones have stopped. Yet do I have my new ones yet? No, because my local pharmacy are a fuck up par excellence! My carer will have to go down to the pharmacy at 11am to check if it has arrived. I should have taken it at 6am this morning. Nice huh?

I’m trying very hard not to bitch and whine about my pain, but when it is so all consuming, it’s damn difficult not to.

I’m hurting emotionally too. I reached out to someone for help. They pushed me away. Ignored my cries. I feel worthless and lonely and so fucking sad.

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