Something in the air?

Something must be in the air. Something that is feeding the black dog. Feeding him so well that he seems to be barking at the heels of several people that are very dear to me and also barking at my own heels. When I see people that I care so much about suffering under a black cloud, it breaks my heart. I wish that I could chase their black dog away and clear the skies over their heads.

I try to let them know that I’m there for them without intruding and making myself unwelcome. I think that just knowing someone gives enough of a shit to reach out to you can help you and make you feel so much better. After all, a tiny spark of light can be enough to chase away the darkness.

So to all of my wonderful friends that are feeling the black dog yapping at their heels – I’m trying so hard to chase him away for you. Remember I am always here and the dark clouds will soon be blown away and clear skies will follow. Big (((hugs))) and lots of love.x

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