Feeling like a failure…

No matter what I try and do to change my life, nothing works. I try mindfulness, it hasn’t worked. Positivity just won’t take up residence in my brain. I’ve read so many books about changing your life and making things better that I feel like a self help guru.

People have told me that I should be over things by now. That I should be a happy, healed and well adjusted individual. Oh, if only.

Who sets the time limits on recovery? Who is it that says, “OK, it’s been three years now, you should be over it and smiling now.”? Can they create the magic potion that makes me be healed according to their time frame? Of course not.

People need to back off and realise that the things they say can be incredibly hurtful. For a while now I have been feeling like a failure and all because I don’t meet their targets.

6 thoughts on “Feeling like a failure…

  1. I know. Exactly what you ate saying,FFS. No one. Would choose to live this way,if it was just positivity we would all be over it ,but from one day to next we cannot tell how we will feel .i appretiate all their kind words but I don’t need the guilt when I cannot match what they expect me to be x

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  2. Dear Ravenwing

    Thanks for voicing out your thoughts. There are some people out there who surely have got to read this post. I feel mindfulness techniques requires lot of practice and doesn’t happen overnight. And positivity – it is not simple easy to light up ones mood and forget those hurtful experiences, responsible for ones present state. It takes time and we all know – time is the best healer and it differs from person to person. Stay strong. Change is inevitable so bad times are not for ever.

    I wish you well!!
    ~Arcane Owl

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