Boycott companies that harm our planet!

Why we should boycott…

I have a serious bee in my bonnet. Big multinational companies that are responsible for several brands, but do not think that they have any responsibilities for the world in which they function. Big multinational companies who think that they have the right to pollute the earth and to take the lives of the thousands of animals on which their products are tested.

The only way to hurt companies like these is to start boycotting their products. I blogged the other day about whispers combining together to make a great shout. The same is true here. The more and more people that take the step to boycott these companies and their products, then these companies will have to accept that there is something wrong and to change their behaviour. You have to start giving a crap people, you really do. Before it’s too late.

Why boycott Procter & Gamble? The main reason is that they sanction animal testing on their products. I’m trawling the Internet to find evidence for you, but a lot of the stuff I’m finding is from PETA and I refuse to cite lying, murdering scumbags as evidence. The first link does have its top paragraph from PETA, but that can be ignored as the rest of the article makes some very valid points…

Boycott P&G

This archived page from Uncaged puts into words the reasons why you should boycott Procter & Gamble far better than I ever could…

More reasons to boycott P&G

More from Uncaged here…

Uncaged info

Also here…

More Uncaged info

A video on how boycotting P&G helps animals really shows how much impact you can make…

FB video

P&G claim they are trying to make alternative options to testing on animals. I am far from convinced…

P&G lies

Here is a list of P&G products, just in case you feel inspired to join the boycott…

P&G products

On to Unilever now. They are equally as scummy as P&G. They test on animals. They also recently caused a mercury leak in the Indian village of Kondaikanal. They are refusing to clean up that mess…

Unilever scandal

Both Unilever and P&G are responsible for the destruction of habitat for the obtaining of palm oil…

Destruction for palm oil

Here are a list of Unilever’s products…

Unilever products

Next I move on to Monsanto. They are huge promoters of genetically modified foods and the use of cancer causing neonicotinoids as insect killing sprays… (apologies, I know this article is U.S based but it makes excellent points.)

Why boycott Monsanto?

Oh, and shock horror – Monsanto run both P&G and Unilever. Even more proof, should it be needed that they have no ethics at all and need to be boycotted.

I’ll finish with Nestlé. They have had a longstanding scummy habit of promoting their baby formula over breast feeding and are currently bottling water in California despite the state being in the grips of a drought. They also are destroying rain forests for the acquiring of palm oil.

Nestle crimes

Finally, a list of Nestle products for you…

Nestle products

Yes, this post may be a little long winded, but this is something that I feel passionately about. Fighting this cause can give me the energy to fight my rising tide of depression.

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