Paranoia the destroyer…

Yes, I know that is the title of a song by The Kinks, but that is exactly how it feels right now. I am so paranoid right now,mot is eating me up from the inside.

I know that people will say to me, “Don’t be silly” and other such platitudes, but I cannot shake the feelings that are eating away at the corners of my brain.

i can hear all the horrible things that my ‘father’ and my ex said to me and I’m convinced that everyone that I care about can hear them too. With every flashback the words get louder.

I am convinced that I am a worthless piece of crap and that people know it and are talking about how stupid I am. It feels so horrible. I can’t stop crying and I feel physically sick pretty much all of the time. Paranoia… it truly is destroying me.

7 thoughts on “Paranoia the destroyer…

  1. It felt odd hitting the like button when I do not like that you are going through this. It is a horrible feeling when you are swept away by paranoia, but at least you are aware that you are experiencing paranoia and that means you are smart. And no one is worthless.

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