A whisper can become a shout.

Yesterday I blogged about PETA and the fact that they are morally bankrupt murderers of thousands of perfectly adoptable pets.

I’ve had people say to me, “But who is going to listen to you? You are one little voice. Just a whisper. How can you make them hear you?”

That’s an easy one to answer. You simply have to look for people that share your views. Then once you find them, they will bring their friends that share the same views. Before you know it, your voices bind together and a whisper becomes a shout. A shout that PETA cannot ignore!

2 thoughts on “A whisper can become a shout.

  1. Hey I like your idea of a whisper becoming a shout as like-minded people unite!

    Friends of mine talk about one person being just one drop of water but together we can all become a powerful waterfall.

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