People Euthanising Thousands of Animals (PETA)

This is a massively ranty post about the hideous organisation PETA and the lies that they feed to the public.

It took me a long time to realise just how bad PETA are. Just how many lies they tell. Just how many animals they murder every single year. Just how many underhand and bullying tactics they use to try and silence the voices of those who criticise them. Well guess what PETA? I don’t give a fuck. You will never shut me up.

I have always been an animal rights activist and up until a while ago, was a PETA supporter. When I first began to hear certain things that were telling me that something was not quite right, I refused to listen to them. “Surely not” I said to myself. Ingrid Newkirk set up an organisation to protect animals and to campaign against abuse and killing. PETA was not a murderous organisation.

However… Things started to slowly change for me. I was alerted to the alarming statistics that showed just how many animals PETA actually killed as opposed to re-homed. I was told about just how blood thirsty good old Ingrid actually was. How she would (when working at an animal shelter) come in to work early so that she could start killing all the animals herself. The bile rose in my throat, and tears pricked the back of my eyes. How could she do that? I discovered some proof, and the shocking statistics that reveal just how many animals PETA does kill. You can read that same proof that I read right here… Ingrid Newkirk really needs to quit!

I did a little digging on the Internet and soon found a plethora of articles denouncing both PETA as an organisation and Ingrid Newkirk as a person. The first one that I found was this one…  Ingrid, you really suck! Just how fame hungry is Newkirk? She isn’t doing this for the love of animals. She’s doing it for the love of her own ego!

Back in 2003, PETA were deluded enough to compare the killing of animals to the holocaust of the Second World War. You can read that here…  Really PETA? Just how low will PETA stoop to obtain publicity for themselves? Pretty damned low.

Outside a dog show in America, PETA activists dressed up as KKK members and accused the kennel club of wanting to breed a “master race” and comparing them to the KKK and the nazis. You can see that story here… No PETA… Just no.

PETA have a vile mantra… Better dead than fed?

Ingrid has blood on her hands… Ingrid’s bloody hands.

Nathan Winograd has written a book that PETA would really rather that you didn’t read… Book details.

This post of Nathan Winograd’s really has me shaking with rage. I am a proud crazy cat lady. Scumbags!

PETA have a long history of harassing celebrities who do not conform to their ideal. Jennifer Lawrence found that out back in 2012 after her famous “screw PETA” comment. Bravo Jennifer!

Here are some alarming statistics from last year as to just how many animals PETA murdered… Last year’s kill count.

But what has really fired me up more than anything to fight against PETA’s hypocrisy and bullying was what I read just a couple of days ago. I found this… Amazingly brave blog! and I was simply horrified at the treatment that this lady and her family have been meted out. But at the same time, I am in awe of this lady’s bravery and her refusal to back down in the face of PETA’s bully boy scare tactics. The world needs more people like her!


9 thoughts on “People Euthanising Thousands of Animals (PETA)

  1. Reblogged this on mom2nomads and commented:
    This is exactly what we need — people willing to stand up and say “No. I will NOT support an organization who has twisted rescue work into the work of killing. And I will NOT stop fighting for the truth.” Bravo for a brave blog!

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  3. KD

    That kind of thinking is why many would never even dream that PETA’s agenda is to exterminate dogs and cats ….

    There’s hundreds of vegans that work at the Norfolk office and many of them know what is going on ….There’s thousands more that buy into PETA propaganda around the world …

    And you can bet that all the leadership at the Norfolk office know exactly what’s going on there …..

    Denial is a powerful thing sometimes …

    Don’t fool yourself …

    There’s a lot of sick and twisted vegans in this world …Vegan does not automatically = good person …

    Nice blog post by the way …

      1. KD

        My post is directed primarily at the “PETA is run by Monsanto and Big Meat to discredit all vegans” statement ….

        When the PETA fans read this blog post you can bet your bippy that some will be accusing you of working for Monsanto or Big Meat, or McDonalds or the Republicans etc etc etc … 🙂

  4. dcinfowarrior

    Hey KD, who stands to gain from PETA acting like hateful twatwaffles?

    The meat industry. The same meat industry which has bought off the Democratic Party as well as the GOP.

    And besides, what have the Democrats done for animals? With Democrats like that gun-toting hillbilly Joe Manchin, not a god damn thing.

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