A typical night.

I have had yet another typical night. My medication knocked me out at 11.30pm and I woke up again at 2.30am due to searing pain in my back. I managed to fall back asleep but was awake again at 3.15am having had a night terror. I am so tired of having such broken nights. Exhaustion means I am even less able to cope with the swirling mess inside my brain. When will it stop?

2 thoughts on “A typical night.

  1. theresa1122

    I’m so sorry. I wish I had an answer, but I just don’t know. I’m almost 8 years after my major trauma and it still hasn’t stopped. Worse now because of the physical pain caused by my surgery 3 weeks ago, but my sleep pattern last night was about the same as yours. Knocked out by medications then sleep, awake, sleep, awake, sleep, nightmare, awake, UGH! I hope you find some relief soon. Maybe a quick call or visit to your therapist or doctor? Try a different medication for sleep? Wish I could help you. I’m so sorry!


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