Such a relief!

Well, I did it. Last night was the night I had to go out. Those that already know me will probably roll their eyes at me for going on about this, but it’s important for those that don’t to know this. It helps explain things. I have been suffering with a number of conditions over the last few years which have contributed to my being in a wheelchair. I am in constant chronic excruciating pain each and every day. It is sheer hell for me, it really is. Well last night I finally had my pain clinic appointment. I had only been waiting to see them for almost seven months.

Well, my agoraphobia took over as it normally does. The day went past in blur of tea and Diazpam. The closer the time got to the time to leave, I was a quivering nervous wreck. My friend sat with me and helped out with the kids. I owe him so much.

When the time came to get in the car, I was hugging the door and crying like a baby. My friend had to prose my fingers loose. 😦 Not cool. I pulled up my hood (I always wear a hoodie when I go out, no matter what the temperature is). It helps me feel like I am hiding.

When we got to the hospital, I had to fill in three separate forms and was taken straight through to see the doctor! Oh my gosh, that is almost unheard of in UK hospital clinics! The doctor even pushed my wheelchair! Normally they march ahead and expect you to magic yourself into his room. What a total shock this was believe me!

The upshot of the evening is that he listened to me! He heard me and he listened! He validated my pain and he has written a letter to my doctor which will see me starting on much stronger pain relief. Finally somebody listened to me. Finally somebody helped me!

2 thoughts on “Such a relief!

  1. theresa1122

    First and for the record, I did not roll my eyes, I took a deep breath of relief in knowing what happened yesterday, as I have been waiting for your update.

    I am so so so so so very happy for you!!!!!! You kept yourself grounded and demanded treatment and your doctor FINALLY got you into a pain management clinic – HOORAY!!! AND – BONUS – the doctor actually LISTENED and wants to HELP! What a great relief it must be just to be heard

    I am so very happy for you and I hope you’re able to get on your medications quickly and that they help. Please continue to post updates. I’m pulling for you. Thank you again for the update. 😀

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