So very scared.

i have to go out tonight. It’s for something medical and I’ve been waiting for six months. I’m on an evening list as they are trying to clear waiting lists. I’m so very scared that they are not going to help me. I’m already panicking and full of anxiety ove having to leave the house. I can’t take this. Im shaking and sweating and my heart is racing. I. Am. Fucking. Terrified.

8 thoughts on “So very scared.

      1. I don’t really know what to suggest because I’d be feeling the same – but of course as our logical brains know, there really is no reason to be feeling this way – you’ll be absolutely fine! My therapist taught me this technique of using your safe place and this last couple of days it’s helped a bit. Do you have an email I can get you on so I can send you some info?? xx


  1. theresa1122

    I feel for you so much! Please give us an update when you get back. I know it’s hard to take those first steps in leaving the house, but I hope you’re able to get some help. {{HUGS}}


  2. Hey, I’m really sorry this is so stressful. Believe me, I can relate. I had to sign a paper a few months ago that stated “take me to my doctors appointment even if I scream and beg and try to jump out of the car.” Shit can be terrifying and gut wrenching and awful, and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone, ever.

    But I want you to know that it can get better, and it will get better. You are strong. The worst that can happen is that you’ll have a panic attack. Panic won’t kill you, even though it might feel like you’re dying. But you can get through it, and you will.

    I just realized that you probably already went to the appointment due to the timestamp on this. I really hope it went well, and that you’re doing okay. Please let me know ❤


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