An open letter to body shamers.

You all know who you are. You think that you have the right to sit in judgment over women and their bodies. Whether you are fat shaming or skinny shaming, you pull apart women when they are feeling low and vulnerable and you rip into their appearance and make them feel even more worthless than they already do. You criticise women for being too fat, then you also take them apart for being too skinny. Women have to try to achieve utterly unreachable standards of beauty, and they are ostracised if they do not fit in to that miniscule bracket.

I started to become aware just how bad the issue of body shaming as shortly after I first read about the fabulous Tess Holiday. The Daily Fail led the fat shaming charge by letting the vile little man Steve Miller rant about Tess in their vile little rag. You can see that here. There has been some appalling behaviour to Tess and ladies of a similar size on Instagram. I’m proud to say I actively seek out and report this fat shaming accounts. They make me sick.

The worst body shamer at the moment has to be hatey Katie Hopkins. The UK’s most professional hate monkey has said some really vile things about overweight people, but this attack upon an audience member in her new TV show as nothing short of vile bullying.

Another victim of body shaming has been Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. Skinny shaming is just as vile as fat shaming. People thought they had the right to call her things like “bag of bones” or in the case of one of the Loose Women presenters, calling her a “too skinny bird”.

Just what the hell gives you the right to tear into women and mock their appearance just because YOU have an issue with their weight? YOU are the one with the problem in this situation. Whatever happened to sisterhood and being there for each other? Just stop it OK? Just remember the next time you open your mouth to criticise that you could do more damage than you think!

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