Mental health problems are not contagious, nor are they in our heads.

I have been getting angrier and angrier about the attitudes of some people towards people with mental health issues. People act like they had to keep a wide berth around anyone who suffers with a mental health complaint. We are seen as being contaminated with something hideous, something contagious and something alien. I have had people deliberately crossing the street to avoid coming into contact with me. I mean for crying out loud, I have bipolar disorder, not Ebola!

Well, there are some other mental health issues issues for me, but I think that they are best saved for another time. If I discussed all my issues in one post, I would still be typing this post next year.

One of the biggest problems recently has been that of so called famous people being incredibly irresponsible with regards to the comments that they make about mental health conditions. My biggest issue is with the has been Steve Brookstein. He seems to constantly need to tweet insensitive crap about the most sensitive of issues. His most recent faux pas is his comments to sufferers of child abuse. He thinks that we should all just get over it! What an asshole! Had he ever had to carry such an event from his past, he would not have said what he did. Total and utter creep.

Prior to that, he upset people with his hideously insensitive tweets about 7/7. The man just has a hideous streak a mile wide. According to him, depression is just sadness and all crazy people run around in parks with their pants on their heads. All comments that have come from his Twitter feed. He blocked me a while ago. Guess he doesn’t have the balls to defend himself.

People who have any degree of celebrity should be aware that they have a responsibility to keep their stupid troll mouths shut and not pour out crap like this that can make the general opinion that people have towards sufferers of mental illness even worse. They should also realise that these conditions are 100% real and we have to live them every day.

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