Fuck the #holdacokeinyourboobs challenge!

Today I was browsing my emails, and I receive one that made me so upset, I simply couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I’m sure that if anyone reads this, they will have heard of the #holdacokewithyourboobs challenge. I was utterly sickened when I read it. People are blindly following along and doing this whilst stupidly thinking that they are raising awareness of/fundraising for breast cancer.

What they do not know its that this fad has absolutely NOTHING to do with fundraising for breast cancer. Some utterly vile little scumbag from a modelling agency, Elite Talent Referral created this. A modelling agency! Who give zero fucks about breast cancer and many fucks about getting their name publicised because of this story.

What is holding a can of coke between your boobs going to do to cure breast cancer? Absolutely fuck all. Are you going to donate money to Breakthrough or another Breast Cancer charity? Nope. You’ll just put a picture of your tits and a coke can, expecting all your friends to tell you how brave you are and what a good thing you did. Well you haven’t, OK? If you want to do something good, go and volunteer to shake a collecting tin for a charity on your local high street all day. Go and volunteer to hand out leaflets about breast self examination to other women!

The only wonderfully and heart rendingly brave thing I have seen to come out of this are the actions of one young woman. She is by far the bravest and the most beautiful of all the women that have got their chests out over this issue.

Brave, brave Aimee shows us all how to raise awareness with her amazing picture from Twitter. This is how I discovered Aimee’s story and was motivated to write this blog post for her.

Believe the reality, not the glamour!!!

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