Grow up Donnie!

I’m a very proud Scot and am also a proud, card carrying “ecomentalist” (thanks Jeremy Clarkson for that title). I’m very prone to hugging trees. Yet in recent years, there has been one huge stain on my environmental perspective. It has an American accent and a bright orange wig. It’s name is Donald Trump. For those of you who don’t know, Donald Trump bulldozed his way across North East Scotland and built a horrendous golf course that did real harm to a beautiful landscape.

He is now crying into his cornflakes that he has recently lost an appeal to prevent the building of an offshore wind farm in Aberdeen. Donnie loses – boohoo. I am personally thrilled by this. La Donnie needs to stop throwing his hissy fits and accept that this wind farm needs to happen. Fossil fuels are running out. Fast. We need to be working together to produce new forms of energy. Not crying and stamping our feet because the view from our golf course might be spoiled. Boo hoo Donnie. Get over yourself. The world does not revolve around you. You are not omnipotent my friend.

He is now arrogant enough to say that everyone wants him to appeal over the decision against him.  La Donnie thinks he is universally backed. Donnie, your mummy might have been born in Stornaway, but this does not make you king of Scotland. You do not know what is best for this country or its people. Stop acting like you do. This does not make you look like a businessman. It makes you look like a toddler with trapped wind and a bellyache who wears his favourite teddy on his head.

This Scot is here to say that you are neither wanted nor welcome. Go home!

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