The Prissy and the Powerful: On Gender, Danger and Triviality


“Prissy”.  “Fussy”.  “Trivial”.  These are terms I hear all the time in men’s comments about women.  They like women, they’ll often say, but they just have different priorities.  All this good manners, and having tea, and arranging throw cushions, and wiping your feet when you come into the house, that’s what women are into and it’s a bit…trivial.  You can’t take it seriously, they’re not bothered about important things.  They’re obsessed with minutiae.

There are a several obvious counter-remarks to this, which might include “that’s a very restricted view of women”, “maybe if they had been allowed to train as architects, they’d be fewer throw cushions about the place”, and – as Glosswitch is fond of retorting, “have you noticed I’m not your mother?”  Or it might be pointed out that stereotypically male pursuits like sports fandom involve obsessing over tiny differences in season averages, which is not all that…

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